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Artificial Intelligence at the Caucasus Medical Center
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Artificial Intelligence at the Caucasus Medical Center
26 November 2020
Innovative service at the radiology department of the Caucasus Medical Center. From now on, it will be possible to use artificial intelligence while conducting diagnostic tests. The latest algorithm provides analysis and processing of the results of large volumes of routine research. The service was launched in November and will be implemented in all 18 medical facilities of the chain together with the Caucasus Medical Center. Patients, including those infected with COVID 19, will be able to benefit from specific algorithms when conducting diagnostic tests.
IHF Virtual Forum on Transformation of Healthcare Services
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IHF Virtual Forum on Transformation of Healthcare Services
03 November 2020
The virtual forum organized by the IHF, an International Hospital Federation, will discuss the transformation of healthcare services during the COVID 19 pandemic. A series of lectures will be held online. Leaders around the world in the field of healthcare will share with each other the key experiences gained during the Covid crisis and discuss how healthcare services should be developed in the future.
Fight to stop the virus
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Fight to stop the virus
15 October 2020
“The COVID-19 pandemic has created a truly unprecedented environment around the world that affects each of us. Exactly, in such moments we are reminded that we are all connected to each other. People working in the field of healthcare all over the world have been on the front lines of the fight during all this time as real fighters. "They are still working tirelessly to save patients' lives," - This is how the International Hospital Federation (IHF) starts mentioning Georgia in its new publication, which recognizes the role of innovation and management in world healthcare.

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