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Ophthalmology is one of the leading directions of the Caucasus Medical Center. The ophthalmological center offers a full range of planned and emergency 24-hour care for both adults and children.
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A team of professionals with the latest technology and unique diagnostic and surgical methods guarantee the best treatment results.

The center is equipped with the latest generation of equipment and offers such high-tech research as:

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) - to identify pathologies of the central region of the retina, glaucomatous changes in the optic nerve and anterior segment of the eye;
Fluorescence angiography - a high-tech study of vascular pathologies of the fundus of the eye;
Ultrasound diagnostics - B Scan (Sonomed Escalon) - ultrasound of the posterior part of the eye, UBM - ultrasound of the anterior part of the eye;
Determination of the number of corneal endothelial cells - Specular microscopy, detection of various corneal pathologies, for early diagnosis;
Computer perimetry - computer analysis of visual field damage;
Corneal topography - early diagnosis of corneal thinning (keratoconus) using Pentacam;
Optical biometer – for accurate determination of the number of artificial lens for cataract surgery;
Verion - the choice of premium lenses for cataract surgery (toric lens that corrects astigmatism; multifocal lens for near and far vision)
X-ray of the eye socket
Computed tomography of the eye socket.

Following procedures are performed in the clinic, according to the world standards: Ultrasound seamless cataract surgery

Phacoemulsification by implantation of high-tech multifocal lenses  in the event of following pathologies:

  • Age-related cataract;
  • Children's cataract;
  • Traumatic cataract;
  • Complicated cataract;
  • Laser treatment of secondary cataract - YAG laser capsulotomy.
  • Anti-glaucomatous surgery: shunting of the anterior cell; trabeculotomy with iridectomy, trabeculoplasty;
  • Front vitrectomy;
  • Removal of pterygoid membrane and conjunctival transplantation;
  • Operations of the lacrimal passages: transnasal and cryocystorhinostomy, dacryocystectomy;
  • Reconstructive surgery of the eyelids: removal of cartilage and skin of the eyelids due to ectropion, combined correction of entropion. Plastic surgery of the eyelids;
  • Evisceration and enucleation;
  • Removing of chalazion.