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Evex Hospitals to Offer Medical Benefits to People Received both Shots of COVID 19 Vaccine

10 August 2021
Evex Hospitals to Offer Medical Benefits to People Received both Shots of COVID 19 Vaccine

Evex Hospitals is continuing its vaccination campaign across the network and will offer benefits to all fully vaccinated citizens:

• Copayment reduction voucher of 500 GEL which will be valid till the end of the year for surgical services.
• 50% discount for complete laboratory testing;
• Children under the age of 16 will also receive medical benefits (to receive benefits, parents must be fully vaccinated).

It should be noted that the laboratory diagnostics of Evex Hospitals is checked up twice a year in Germany, and has been awarded a certificate of authenticity from the Reference Institute for Bioanalytics. The medical staff employed in the laboratories regularly attends training courses and webinars organized by both local (Lugar Center, Georgian Laboratory Medicine Association) and international organizations (IFCC, EFCC).

The campaign will be in force until the end of 2021 at all 18 medical centers of Evex Hospitals. Benefits may be activated on the spot by submitting a vaccination record to the hospital register. To encourage the vaccination process, Evex Hospitals continues offering benefits to all fully vaccinated staff members in the network. A medical competition "Become the safest medical institution" has also been started among all 18 hospitals of the chain. Within the framework of the initiative, the hospital where 80% of the staff will be vaccinated will receive the title of the "Green Hospital" or safe medical center. The 18 medical centers of Evex Hospitals are involved in the vaccination campaign across the country, where medical vouchers may be redeemed and benefits received:


• Caucasus Medical Center. Address: 23 Kavtaradze St.
• Iv. Bokeria University Hospital Address: 1 Kindzmarauli St.
• Caraps Medline. Address: 48 Ljubljana St.
• M.Iashvili Children's Central Hospital. Address: 13/6 Ljubljana St.
• Tsitsishvili Children's New Clinic. Address: 21 Ljubljana St.
• Traumatology Hospital. Address: 21 Ljubljana St.


• East Georgia Regional Medical Center. Address: 83a Javakhishvili St.
• Krystyna Kiel Oncology Center. Address: 85 Javakhishvili St., Kutaisi.
• Kutaisi Emergency Referral Hospital. Address: 2 Otskheli St.


• Batumi Referral Hospital. Address: 125 Bagrationi St.
• M.Iashvili Batumi Maternal and Child Central Hospital Address: 64 Airport Highway
• Kobuleti Hospital. Address: 18 Abashidze St.


• Zugdidi Referral Hospital. Address: 206 Gamsakhurdia St.


• Telavi Referral Hospital. Address: 1 V. Sekhniashvili St.


• Akhaltsikhe Referral Hospital. Address: 105a Rustaveli St.
• Akhalkalaki Hospital. Address: 31 D.Agmashenebeli St.


• Poti Hospital. Address: 171 Guria st.


• Khashuri Hospital. Address: 40 Sh. Rustaveli St.