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Caucasus Medical Centre

Vian is a hospital network operating in Georgia with 7 hospitals in 3 regions of the country.

The Network’s largest hospital is The Caucasus Medical Centre - the largest multi-disciplinary clinic with solid historical experience, which offers the population of the region high-tech, innovative, diagnostic and therapeutic methodologies based on the latest medical research. Designed in accordance with JCI international standards, the Caucasus Medical Center is staffed by Georgian doctors and nurses with work experience acquired in Western countries. Complex medical interventions, both in outpatient and inpatient regime are performed in the hospital.


The Caucasus Medical Centre cooperates with world-famous hospitals and leading specialists, which ensures the proper management of complex cases both by inviting international specialists and through telemedicine. The clinic is also one of the most important inpatient basis of the Ministry of Health and the National Center for Disease Control. Screening for cancer and other state programs are actively performed in the hospital.


Besides, the Caucasus Medical Centre is the hub of medical tourism in the region. The principle of the clinic is to provide the international healthcare for everyone. Caucasus Medical Centre offers foreign patients high quality medical services at an affordable price.


The strength of the Caucasus Medical Center is the team of doctors who have gained experience in the West, the latest medical infrastructure and the variety of services. CMC offers rare medical hi technology interventions in the region, such as bone marrow transplantation, cornea transplantation, cardiology and cardio surgery, neurology and internal medicine directions, general surgery, thoracic surgery, gynecologic interventions, oncohematology, orthopedic-traumatology interventions and etc.

CMC Hub offers wide variety of outpatient services through CMC Hub: Eye Center, Traumatology and Rheumatology Center, High Technology Research Center, Heart Center, Endocrine, Nutrition and Metabolic Disorders Center, Gastroenterology Diseases and Endoscopy Center, Clinical Oncology Center, Pediatric Center, Neurology Center, Neurosurgery Center, Women Health Center, Urology Center, Angiology Center, Preventive Health and Screening Center, Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Center.

Why us

200370 Local Patients Treated
17585 International Patients Treated
20258 Total Surgeries Performed
Healthcare Leader in Region

Mukhran Tamazashvili


Giorgi Lomjaria

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