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Radiology is one of the leading medical centers in the Caucasus Medical Center. We offer high quality services to our patients with modern equipment.
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The Caucasus Medical Center, along with multidisciplinary medical services, offers its patients a high-quality diagnostic equipment of the latest generation and the following research methods:
  • Computed tomography - an expanded entrance arch (“Wide Bore”) of the latest 128 and 16-slice tomographs SIEMENS, along with high image quality, offers patients greater comfort during the research process.
  • Magnetic resonance examination - the tomographs SIEMENS with an inductance of 1.5 Tesla and 3 Tesla, makes it possible to examine all organs and systems of organs, which allows to diagnose oncological and neurological diseases, along with other diseases.

The Research Results

The research results are interpreted at a council of experienced radiologists under the guidance of Doctor of Medicine, Nikoloz Sainishvili.
  • Radiological research - FLEXA VISION - digital X-ray machines manufactured by SHIMAZU, which examine all organs and organ systems.
  • Densitometry Dexa scan - is performed on the latest generation STRATOS-HF1F apparatus, which determines not only the bone mineral density, but also the proportion of the main compartments of the whole body and provides an important diagnostic tool for determining of the metabolic status.
  • Panoramic radiography is performed on NewTom-Go apparatus, which is one of the most important diagnostic tools in modern maxillofacial surgery and dentistry.
  • Endoscopic examination - the latest equipment made by Japanese company OLYMPUS, PENTAX and FUJIFILM for performing about 50 research items (video gastro-, duodeno-, broncho- and colonoscopy) and endoscopic procedures (stenting, ligation, esophageal bougienage, endoscopic treatment of bleeding, polypectomy etc.) 

The devices have a functional capacity to make the early diagnosis of cancer pathologies (FICE mode).

  • Mammography research - SIEMENS Mammomat Select digital mammography devise with a workstation. The device has the functional ability to capture even a small amount of calcifications using video and photo images.
  • Ultrasound examinations - ultrasound machines available in the clinic have 3D and 4D modes, which allow obtaining high-quality images, which is the basis for timely and accurate diagnostics. The clinic conducts ultrasound examination of the organs of the abdominal cavity, thyroid gland, pregnancy, gynecological and genitourinary systems, and the heart. The clinic also offers duplex scanning, which is a dual examination method, during which both traditional echoscopic and ultrasound examinations of blood vessels with the Doppler effect are performed.