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Neurosurgery and Bioli Wellness Resort

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Neurosurgery and Bioli Wellness Resort
Complete neurosurgical services and a two-day travel package at the medical wellness resort - "Bioli", situated in Kojori forest.

The Caucasus Medical Center, with the latest generation medical equipment and a team of specialists having Western experience, offers a holiday to foreign neurosurgical patients at the resort with unique wellness program methodology and concept.

As for treatment: The CMC Neurosurgery Department combines neuro-oncological, endovascular, open vascular, spinal, neuro-traumatic, and functional neurosurgeries.
The hospital performs following complex operations:

  • Spinal cord and skull based surgeries, surgical treatment of cranio orbital and craniofacial tumors;
  • Transsphenoidal endoscopic surgery of hypophysis adenoma; Surgical treatment of cerebral arterial aneurysms;
  • Endarterectomy, Angioplasty, Epilepsy surgery;
  • Hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke surgery;
  • Surgery for degenerative diseases, traumatic injuries and tumors of the vertebral column, etc.

In order to see detailed information about the service, visit the neurosurgery page.