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Oleg Qoiava

Head of Endoscopy Department; Endoscopist
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Oleg Qoiava

Oleg Koiava graduated from the Chita State Medical University in Russia. Then he completed a residency program at the Tbilisi State Medical University and received his postgraduate education at Moscow University with a degree in Endoscopy. Oleg Koiava also visited the Santa Maria clinic in Italy, clinics in Grossbaden clinic in Germany, as well as the Clermont-Ferrand Store Laparoscopic Training Center in France and the Moscow Surgical Research Center, where he mastered endoscopy, laparoscopy, and surgery.

In 2006, Oleg Koiava was awarded the title of Doctor of Medicine.

Mr. Koiava has 37 years of working experience in the field of medicine. Currently, he is the head of the Endoscopy Unit of the Caucasus Medical Center.

Oleg Koiava has actively participated in various international and local congresses and medical events. He is the author of thirty-four scientific papers and one monograph.

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