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The Center for Ophthalmology

The Center for Ophthalmology
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A full range of ophthalmological outpatient services is available in one space, 7 days a week. The Center for Ophthalmology offers patients, of the Caucasus Medical Center a very comfortable environment. The hospital is equipped with next-generation medical equipment and is staffed with a team of the best professionals in the country. Departments is led by Professors Mikheil Omiadze and Mikheil Gabrichidze. The following well-known ophthalmologists work in the center for ophthalmology: Nino Beradze, Nino Tkhelidze, Tamar Odisharia, Khatuna Vashadze, Rezo Omiadze, Mariam Bochorishvili, Sophio Tsiklauri, Teona Saghirashvili, Ana Khutsishvili, and Teona Varshalomidze.

Pre-booking for scheduled services is possible at 2,600,600. Although the eye center also provides emergency services to patients and offers the following services:

  • O High-tech instrumental medical examinations;
  • O Vision test and correction
  • O Examination/treatment of the lacrimal glands, eyelids;
  • O Detection/treatment of ocular disorders;
  • O Treatment of eye injuries (traumas) and more.

The Center for Ophthalmology offers patients correction of astigmatism, nearsightedness (myopia), and farsightedness (hyperopia) using the latest generation Femto-excimer laser. In addition, the conservative and surgical treatments of keratoconus, corneal transplantation, and surgery for glaucoma are carried out. At the Caucasus Medical Center, also full-fledged pediatric ophthalmology services are available. Department is headed by Tamar Odisharia. 24-hour emergency ophthalmological services are very comfortable for patients with traumas.
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