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The Center for Gastrointestinal Disorders

The Center for Gastrointestinal Disorders
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The Center for Gastroenterological Disorders offers patients visiting the Caucasus Medical Center full outpatient diagnostic services in one space, in the most comfortable environment. After pre-booking of the visit (2 600 600), patients can receive the following services in a hospital with a highly equipped laboratory:

  • O Consultation with a gastroenterologist;
  • O Nutritional assessment;
  • O Surgery Consultation;
  • O Consultation with a proctologist;
  • O Proctological procedures;
  • O Endoscopic Services (gastroscopy, colonoscopy);

In particular, after nutritional assessment, individual treatment regimens are determined and adjusted to the patient's lifestyle. This is a crucial factor in the long treatment process of gastrointestinal disorders. In addition to general services, the center can provide such scarce and necessary services as:

  • Various proctological procedures, including bloodless method of Rubber-Band Ligation of hemorrhoids;
  • Rectal intervention on an outpatient basis, including Botox treatment for anal fissures;
  • Gastric Botox for weight correction or treatment of various chronic diseases

At the Center for Gastroenterological Disorders, these procedures can be performed under anesthesia. The hospital is equipped with a full range of high technology instrumental and laboratory diagnostic equipment and is staffed by a team of highly qualified doctors who have many years of experience in performing various surgical treatments of the gastrointestinal tract (interventions for gallbladder disease, colon, liver, pancreas, various hernia surgeries, etc.). The great success of bariatric surgeries is noteworthy as well. This direction is lead by Lekso Lagvilava and Oleg Koiava.