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Post-COVID Health Center

Post-COVID Health Center
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The Caucasus Medical Center operates a Post-COVID Management Center for post-covid patients, which, according to the latest international guidelines, provides monitoring of health conditions and appropriate treatment. Studies show that COVID 19 leaves many consequences on the human body and often its complications are much more difficult to manage than infection itself, during the acute period. For this purpose, the center evaluates further complications of the infection and timely detection/treatment of all possible disorders caused by it.

  • Consultation with a therapist/family doctor;
  • Full range of laboratory examinations;
  • Full range of instrumental examinations;
  • Rehabilitation course;
  • Group and individual psychotherapy sessions;

A multidisciplinary team of doctors is responsible for the health of post-Covid patients. Professor Marika Toidze heads the Rheumatology Department (supervision-management of musculoskeletal systems), while Khatia Gvantseladze leads the highly qualified team of neurologists. Post-Covid symptoms often include impaired vision and various complications, which is why patients are often in need of ophthalmic services. In this field, a full range of ophthalmological services is available at the center under the guidance of Professors Misha Omiadze and Mikheil Gabrichidze.

The cardiac complications in post-covid patients are frequent as well. Because of this, the center is staffed with a qualified team of cardiologists led by Sophio Tsikarishvili, MD. The Radiology Department is headed by Nikoloz Sainishvili. Experienced and well-known family doctor, famous for the quality service he provides to his patients, Zura Tchkonia, should also be mentioned.

Besides, group psychological sessions are held at the Post-Covid Center, which is one of the most important factors in terms of mental health management. The treatment is planned with an individual approach and envisages a rehabilitation course at the balneological resorts of Georgia. In order to support the population, the post-Covid screening package will be given as a gift to the post-Covid patients who were treated at the inpatient department of the Caucasus Medical Center. Most importantly, patients can receive both, outpatient and inpatient services in one space.

According to studies, the main symptoms in post-covid patients include general weakness, bone-joint discomfort, headache, and depression. Complications are especially common among risk groups: people with diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, cardiovascular disease, etc. According to the World Health Organization, a health check-up is also recommended for those post-covid patients, who do not have any complaints at all.