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Pediatric Center

Pediatric Center
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A warm and comfortable environment for children, where besides treatment, it is possible to monitor the development and health of patients - the pediatric department of the Caucasus Medical Center is one of the best centers operating in this field in Georgia. Consequently, patients may receive any kind of outpatient diagnostic services at the Center.

Pediatric Center of Caucasus Medical Center offers patients the following services every working day (pre-booking of the visit is possible at 2 600 600):

  • Consultation of a pediatrician;
  • Consultation of a pediatric neurologist;
  • Consultation of a pediatric endocrinologist;
  • Consultation with an otorhinolaryngologist;
  • Consultation with an allergist;
  • Consultation with a dermatologist, regarding problems of puberty;
  • Consultation with a gynecologist regarding problems of puberty;

At the Pediatric Center, planned outpatient and emergency care are provided to children and adolescents of the age group of 0 -18 years. At the center is operating an immunization system where vaccinations are performed according to the national calendar.

Along with the high-quality service and qualified staff, one of the main strengths of the center is the ability to receive all possible services in one space.

The Pediatric Center is headed by Temur Mikeladze, Doctor of Medicine and holder of the Order of Honor, a pediatrician with 25 years of experience. The department of pediatric endocrinology is headed by endocrinologist Nino Kheladze.
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