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Vaccination Centers Started to Operate at Caucasus Medical Center and Evex Hospitals

20 August 2021
Vaccination Centers Started to Operate at Caucasus Medical Center and Evex Hospitals
As of today, vaccination centers have started to operate in 17 hospitals of the Evex Hospital Network. Additional vaccination points were arranged for the population living in the country's 6 regions (Tbilisi, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Kakheti, Samegrelo, Adjara, and Imereti), which will increase the availability of vaccines throughout the country.

Brigades are mobilized, which are staffed by doctors, nurses, and registrars. In each hospital, vaccination spaces were arranged according to the protocol. Vaccination is carried out using Pfizer vaccines.

It is noteworthy that Evex Hospitals is running a vaccination campaign across the network and will offer a variety of medical benefits by the end of 2021 to those who will be fully vaccinated. Vaccination centers are available in 17 hospitals at the following addresses:


• Caucasus Medical Center. Address: 23 Kavtaradze St.
• Iv. Bokeria University Hospital Address: 1 Kindzmarauli St.
• M.Iashvili Children's Central Hospital. Address: 13/6 Ljubljana St.
• Tsitsishvili Children's New Clinic. Address: 21 Ljubljana St.
• Traumatology Hospital. Address: 21 Ljubljana St.


• East Georgia Regional Medical Center. Address: 83a Javakhishvili St.
• Kutaisi Emergency Referral Hospital. Address: 2 Otskheli St.


• Batumi Referral Hospital. Address: 125 Bagrationi St.
• M.Iashvili Batumi Maternal and Child Central Hospital Address: 64 Airport Highway


• Kobuleti Hospital. Address: 18 Abashidze St.


• Zugdidi Referral Hospital. Address: 206 Gamsakhurdia St.


• Telavi Referral Hospital. Address: 1 V. Sekhniashvili St.


• Akhaltsikhe Referral Hospital. Address: 105a Rustaveli St.
• Akhalkalaki Hospital. Address: 31 D.Agmashenebeli St.


• Poti Hospital. Address: 171 Guria st.


• Khashuri Hospital. Address: 40 Sh. Rustaveli St.

Hospitals Working hours Work days Comment
Zugdidi Refferal Hospital 10:00-22:00 5 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday, Saturday - Pfizer Days
Telavi Referral Hospital 09:00-21:00 7 Tuesday, Wednesday - Pfizer
Monday - Sinovak, Astra-Zeneka;
Thursday -Saturday Sinopharm
Khashuri Hospital 09:00-21:00 2
Akhalkalaki Referral hospital 10:00-23:00 7
Caucasus Medical Center  09:00-21:00 7 Monday - One Brigade Scheduled Vaccination
Iashvili Children's Central Hospital 09:00-21:00 7
East Georgia Regional Medical Center 09:00-21:00 7  
Batumi Referral Hospital 10:00-18:00 7  
Akhaltsikhe Referral Hospital 10:00-22:00   Room 1. Thursday (Sinopharm)
Kobuleti Hospital 10:00-18:00 7  
Tsitsishvili Children's New Clinic 09:00-21:00 7  
Traumatologist 10:00-22:00 7  
Krystyna Kiel Oncology Center (Kutaisi) 09:00-21:30 7  
M.Iashvili Batumi Maternal and Child Central Hospital 09:00-21:30 7  
Poti Hospital 10:00-18:00 7  
Iv. Bokeria University Hospital 10:00-18:00 7