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Emergency Medical Care

Emergency Medicine Department
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The department of emergency medical care, operates in 24/7 regime.

Critical medicine is a multidisciplinary specialty, which implies management of patients with acute or complicated chronic complaints, differential diagnostics, elimination / stabilization of complaints, making decisions about patient disposition and providing appropriate recommendations. The working area of emergency doctors is the department / service of emergency medicine and institutions providing the prehospital care. Patient management in this department / service is conducted maximum within 24 hours.

The Emergency medicine department of the Evex network is the largest in the country and is represented by 25 beds. It is divided into several substructures:

  • Shock room: with 6 beds, it is intended for patients in critical state, is equipped in accordance with the up-to-date standards: respirators, two-phase defibrillator, temporary external and intravenous pacemakers.
  • Observation room: with 18 beds, for less difficult patients, who are being monitored around-the-clock, each patient is isolated and placed in a separate room, which provides additional comfort for the patient. All posts are equipped in accordance with modern standards (monitors, alarm systems, central vital signs monitor, etc.).
  • Boxed ward: designed for patients with contagious, life-threatening infectious diseases.
  • Small operating room for emergency operations, in ophthalmology among them.
  • Small procedure room: for the treatment of wounds of small sizes.
  • Plaster room.
  • Two examination rooms: for gynecological and proctological patients among them.
  • Radiologist’s service, as well as portable ultrasound and radiographic equipment are available 24/7.
  • The emergency medicine department has a 16-slice CT scanner.

The Evex Emergency Medicine Department is staffed by professionals who are always ready to receive patients of any complexity and quantity.

The department includes following types of diagnostic services:

  • Laboratory (all necessary tests are available for initial clinical diagnosis and treatment)
  • X-ray examination
  • Ultrasound research
  • MRI and CT research
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