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Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Medicine

Emergency Medicine Department
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The department of anesthesiology and intensive medicine is staffed by highly qualified medical personnel. The area of activity is multidisciplinary outpatient, nosocomial and emergency care, which is rendered in accordance with the standards of best medical care practice.

  • Infrastructure of the department is innovative, where each patient is placed in a separate intensive care unit, which is equipped with modern equipment for resuscitation and provides an additional guarantee of patient safety.
  • The main guidelines of the department are patient safety and risk management, which are continuously monitored by quality control to ensure the best result and satisfaction of our patients.
  • Subdivisions include surgical pathologies such as general, angio, neuro, cardio and orthopedic surgery.
The department is equipped with modern technologies and is closely integrated with other services of the clinic.
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გადაუდებელი სამედიცინო დახმარების განყოფილება, ანუ ემერჯენსი, ფუნქციონირებს 24 საათიანი რეჟიმით, მთელი კვირის განმავლობაში