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Vascular Surgery

Vascular and endovascular surgery is one of the leading directions in the Caucasus Medical Center, diagnosis and treatment of any vascular pathology using the latest methods is carried out on the basis of the center.
Vascular Surgery
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The clinic has a strong material and technical base where patients can receive high-quality medical services 24 hours a day, along with traditional surgical operations, mini-invasive (bloodless, less traumatic) manipulations adapted to the world are performed in the clinic.

Recently, hybrid operations in vascular surgery have become more relevant and effective. The hybrid operating room in the clinic allows high-level combined (hybrid) operations to be performed.

The clinic is equipped with disposable, rare consumables and modern computer programs, which enable quick planning of operations and accuracy of measurement data.

Rapid diagnosis and effective treatment of damage to the trunk blood vessels (aortic aneurysm, dissection) is available within 24 hours.

The clinic also successfully implements the diabetic Teri program, which involves a detailed examination of blood vessels and a multidisciplinary method of treatment.

The clinic offers patients treatment of varicose veins with modern, cosmetic, bloodless methods, such as: radioablation of varicose veins, mini-phlebectomy, sclerotherapy of venous capillaries.

Mukhran Tamazashvili


Giorgi Lomjaria