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Rehabilitation after Covid - for 9 days

9 Days
Rehabilitation after Covid - for 9 days
Health after Covid - Post Covid Syndrome

Observations of medical practitioners around the world for patients who were sick with Covid showed that coronavirus leaves many marks on the human body and its complications are often much more difficult to manage than in the acute period of infection.

Even when the patient is considered recovered, certain complaints still occur, among which are especially significant:

• General weakness;
• Fatigue - feeling of tiredness;
• Headache;
• Reduced sense of smell and taste;
• Lack of concentration;
• Sleep disturbance;
• Depression;
• Dry cough;
• Respiratory failure;
• Joint and muscle pain;
• Memory impairment and much more.

Post Covid complications are especially common in the patients included in the risk group with the following pathologies:

• Cardiovascular diseases;
• Diabetes mellitus;
• Arterial hypertension;
• Overweight;
• Renal failure;
• Chronic pathologies of the respiratory system;
• Oncological, rheumatoid diseases and others.

About Caucasus Medical Centre

Evex Hospitals is the largest hospital network operating in Georgia with 19 clinics in 6 regions of the country. The largest hospital in the Network is The Caucasus Medical Center. The medical institution, designed in accordance with JCI International Standards, collaborates with world-renowned clinics and leading specialists (ALIMP, Israel) to ensure the proper and safe management of complex medical cases. Together with Georgian doctors, specialists from the world's leading clinics are involved in the treatment process. The state-of-the-art medical equipment of the multidisciplinary Caucasus Medical Center, innovative diagnostic and treatment methods as well as a strong clinical team with extensive experience make the hospital a hub of medical tourism in the region.

Restore Health - Post COVID Health Center

A Post COVID Health Center was opened at the Caucasus Medical Center in order to prevent the safety and health risks of patients who were sick with Covid.

The Center brings together a multidisciplinary team trained in accordance with the latest medical protocols and guidelines of the United States and Europe. The training process is led by Mamuka Machaidze, an infectious disease doctor and Assistant Fellowship Program Director at the University of Johns Hopkins, and Nina Bakashvili, a family physician working in the Netherlands.

Each patient is treated in an integrated approach based on individually selected protocols and guidelines. Treatment at A Post COVID Health Center includes a course of rehabilitation at Georgian balneal resorts.

The Center provides complete laboratory, instrumental diagnosis and timely detection and treatment of any possible disorders caused by infection in one area. It also provides inpatient services if needed.

Post COVID Health Center combines the following services:

• Consultation with a family doctor/therapist;
• Pulmonologist consultation;
• Lung function testing;
• Spirometry;
• Determination of basic laboratory data;
• Rehabilitation physician's assessment
• Psychologist services;
• Breathing exercises and other rehabilitation procedures;
• Radiological examinations if necessary;
• Management/treatment of aberrations identified as a result of research by individual program.

Rehabilitation Course Specially Designed for Post Covid Health

For the first time in Georgia, Post COVID Health Center of the Caucasus Medical Center and Sairme Resort offer a rehabilitation course after Covid. The combination of properly selected Balneological and medical treatments completely restores the state of health.

Balneotherapy is one of the most effective means of rehabilitation in after Covid period. It helps restore the microcirculation in the body, which is most impaired as a result of Covid infection. Balneological treatments are important for improving blood circulation in the body, as a result of which all organs and tissues are better supplied with oxygen or nutrients and toxins are expelled. This field of medicine is especially important for the treatment of nervous and psychological disorders, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory tract diseases and the improvement of the immune system.

What Does the Post Covid Rehabilitation Course Include?

For each patient, depending on his health condition, an individual rehabilitation course is determined, which will be carried out with an integrated approach and includes both diagnostic and therapeutic as well as wellness and relaxation procedures aimed at recovering and healing of the body.

The full rehabilitation course at the Resort will be supervised by a general practitioner specially trained for this project at the Post COVID Health Center, who will offer on-site medical care to patients.

Upon completion of the course, appropriate laboratory tests are prescribed to monitor the state of health.

The treatment course includes the following services:

• Accommodation in Tbilisi;
• Post Covid health checkup;
• Accommodation in Sairme Resort;
• Three meals per day in Sairme Resort;
• Curative and wellness procedures;
• Consultation and supervision of a general practitioner during the full course of rehabilitation.

Observations in the post Covid period have shown that a combination of properly selected balneological and medical treatments fully restores the state of health. This field of medicine is especially important for the treatment of nervous and psychological disorders, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory tract diseases and the improvement of the immune system.

Post Covid Rehabilitation Packages

Caucasus Medical Center and Sairme Balneal Resort offer 6 types of rehabilitation packages:

Post Covid Checkup and Rehabilitation Premium Package with 9 days accommodation for 1,2,3 person:

• Accommodation in a 4* hotel with breakfast, 2 nights in Tbilisi;
• Premium package of medical checkup at Caucasus Medicine Center, which includes:

- Consultation with a therapist
- Test for detection of IgG antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 in the blood
- Spirometry
- Complete blood count (CBC + Diff; ESR)
- Coagulogram - Hemostasis Test (PT, PI, INR, APTT, TT, FIBR)
- Determination of erythrocyte sedimentation rate in the blood
- Urinalysis
- Determination of urea in blood serum
- Determination of creatinine in blood serum
- Determination of electrolyte balance in the blood (Na, K, Ca +)
- Estimation of total bilirubin in blood serum T.BIL
- Determination of alkaline phosphatase in the blood
- Determination of aspartate aminotransferase (AST) in the blood
- Determination of alanine aminotransferase in the blood (ALT)
- Determination of Gamma-glutamate transferase (gGT) in the blood
- Determination of total protein in blood serum
- Determination of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in the blood
- Determination of glycated hemoglobin in the blood
- Determination of total triglycerides in the blood
- Determination of total cholesterol in blood serum T.CHOL
- Determination of 25-OH vitamin D in the blood
- Determination of C-reactive protein in blood serum (quantitative/semi-quantitative);

• Panorama room for 6 nights in Sairme;
• Three meals per day in Sairme;
• Curative and wellness procedures: mineral bath with extracts, underwater massage, halotherapy, mineral water inhalation, hydrocolonotherapy, massage therapy, fitness room, dry and steam sauna;
• Consultation and supervision of a general practitioner during the full course of rehabilitation;
• PCR tests;
• Transfer.

About SAIRME Balneal Resort

Sairme Balneal Resort is the largest resort in Europe. It is located in the mountainous zone of the subtropical belt, at an altitude of 950 meters above sea level. Its mild climate and landscape are ideal conditions for active or passive climatotherapy. The climate of the Resort is characterized by a high oxygen content, low atmospheric pressure and the intensity of ultraviolet rays. These are the factors that contribute to the remarkable curative and tonic effects of the Resort climate. There are four mineral water springs and one thermal spring flowing in the Resort. The remarkable curative and salutary effects of the waters is determined by their unique chemical composition and low mineralization, which is confirmed by laboratory studies and many years of experience.

Sairme Resort is the first member of ESPA (European Spas Association) from Georgia. In 2020 it became the winner of the World Travel Award and won the "Georgia's Leading Resort 2020" award. Sairme Resort is nominated for the Europe's Leading Resort
Caucasus Medical Center and Sairme Balneal Resort offer 2 types of rehabilitation packages:

Description of Curative and Wellness Procedures:

Mineral Bath with Extracts

The procedure is performed with mineral water, the natural temperature of which (41°C) promotes the expansion of pores, which, in turn, allows the ions and active substances contained in the water to easily penetrate into the body. The sedative, calming effect of the procedure helps relieve stress and muscle tension, improves sleep and mood, and expels harmful substances and toxins from the body.

Underwater Massage

One of the types of hydro procedure is underwater massage, which is the most economical and effective method. The procedure is performed in a bath full of water, during which the body is completely relaxed and goes into a certain state of weightlessness, which reduces the pressure on the muscles, joints and spine during the procedure.

The massage process is performed directly through a water cannon, which is directed to different parts of the body, at different angles.

This procedure allows to perform a deep massage (affecting the deeper layers of tissues and muscles) without pain and discomfort.

The procedure improves blood and lymph circulation, increases the permeability of blood vessel walls, which contributes to the saturation of tissues with oxygen, improves metabolism, enhances the process of expelling toxins from the body, reduces fluid retention and thus relieves swelling, promotes skin regeneration and restoration of elasticity. Strengthens the immune system and improves sleep.

Halotherapy (Salt Room)

Halotherapy is a non-medical method of treatment. It is based on an artificially created microclimate, as close as possible to the climate of a deep underground salt cave, and curative and salutary effect is due to a halogen generator in the salt room, which converts salt particles into dry aerosol and emits it in doses.

During the procedure, while staying in the salt room, the saturation of cells with useful minerals and active substances is significantly increased, which helps improve the lungs function, while the microflora of the respiratory tract is cleared of dust and harmful bacteria. During the session, the salty air contributes to the saturation of the blood with oxygen, which increases the body's resistance to various infections and viruses.

Inhalation with Mineral Water

Inhalation is one of the most widely used procedures for curative as well as prophylactic and rehabilitation purposes. Sairme mineral waters are rich in beneficial ions, various microelements and biologically active substances, making the inhalation procedure highly effective. During this procedure, when mineral water evaporates and spreads, beneficial substances easily reach the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract, which enhances blood circulation and the process of regeneration (restoration) of the epithelium damaged by the virus.

Hydrocolonotherapy (Detoxification Treatment of the Large Intestine with Mineral Water)

Hydrocolonotherapy is large intestine lavage procedure, which is widely used for both curative and wellness purposes. The procedure is performed with mineral water, the chemical composition of which determines its effectiveness. As a result of the procedure, the functioning of the digestive system is normalized, toxins are expelled from the body, allergic reactions are reduced, skin tone is improved, chronic fatigue syndrome is relieved and immunity is strengthened.

Wellness Massage

Wellness massage is one of the most effective ways to improve physical, mental and emotional state of a person. The procedure is used for curative and rehabilitation as well as and relaxation purposes. It has a positive effect on the musculoskeletal, nervous and digestive systems. The procedure improves blood and lymph circulation, which ensures oxygen saturation of tissues and promotes their improved functioning. The massage relieves muscle tension, enhances the secretory function of the glands, improves metabolism and the functioning of internal organs, relieves fatigue, stress, strengthens the immune system, and improves mood and sleep.

Sauna (Dry/Steam), Swimming Pool and Fitness Room

The resort's pool is filled with thermal water, the temperature of which ranges from 35 to 41°C. The water is rich in various useful salts and ions, does not contain radon, which makes it absolutely safe. It is the chemical and temperature indicators of water that contribute to its high health-improving and therapeutic effect.

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