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Our Team

Oncology Doctors

8:27 Min
Zaza Ujmajuridze, head of the oncology department at Evex hospitals, works at the University of Copenhagen hospital.

Alex Baidoshvili, head of the pathomorphology service at Evex hospitals, lives in Holland for 22 years and has been working in LabPon laboratory for 7 years.

Aida Gozalova, head of the onco-hematology service of Evex hospitals, for 6 years worked as the chief oncologist and hematologist in the evangelical church of the city of Hamm in Western Germany.

Gocha Khelashvili, chief medical physicist at Evex hospitals, has been working as the clinical medical physicist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital for 8 years.

Christina Cale, invited to the Evex Hospital as the radiation oncologist, has over 40 years of experience of working as a radiation oncologist in the United States of America. Christina Cale is a member of the American Group of Radiology Experts, which helps the US government introduce new protocols on onco cardiology.