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Ivane Kiladze

Head of Clinical Oncology Department; Oncologist
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Ivane Kiladze
Ivane Kiladze

Clinical Oncologist; Head of the Oncology Department at Caucasus Medical Center

Graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU), Faculty of Medicine. Postgraduate education in oncology he received at the N.N. Petrov Oncology Research Institute, where he later worked on the position of a clinical oncologist. He has done his internship in leading oncology institutions of different countries (Turkey, Germany, Israel, Switzerland).

He has been working in various medical institutions in Georgia since 2008: St. Nicholas Surgical Center, Aversi Clinic, S. Khechinashvili University Clinic, High Technology Medical Centre- Ingorokva University Clinic, Acad. Todua Medical Center, where in 2016-2020 he held the position of Head of the Department of Oncology and Hematology.

• Active member of the European Association of Oncologists (ESMO) since 2005;
• Co-founder and the head of the association "Georgian Group of Young Oncologists" since 2014;
• Member of the Board of the Georgian Association of Clinical Oncologists since 2016;
• In 2014, he passed the International Examination of European Oncologists and received the European Medical Oncology Certificate (Madrid, Spain).
• In 2018-2019 he studied at the University of Zurich on a scientific program in the field of treatment of lung cancer, after which he successfully received a master's degree from the same university.
• He has been working as an invited lecturer of the USMD Program at Tbilisi State Medical University since 2016.

Ivane Kiladze regularly participates in local and international symposiums and congresses as a speaker. He has published up to 20 scientific articles in medical journals such as The Breast, Annals of Oncology, Journal of Thoracic Oncology.
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