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The Center for Urology

The Center for Urology
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Urological problems are quite common and usually, a large proportion of pathologies are manifested asymptomatically or with mild symptoms.Consequently, timely treatment of diseases is directly linked to health monitoring and preventive approach.

The Urology Outpatient Department based in the Caucasus Medical Center offers patients the following services (pre-booking of the visit is possible at 2 600 600):

  • O Urologist Consultation;
  • O Treatment of urinary system pathologies;
  • O Conservative treatment of prostatitis;
  • O Treatment of erectile dysfunction;
  • O Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • O Treatment for male infertility;
  • O Treatment of urinary incontinence in women and men.

The High-Tech Center for Urology also successfully treats and manages chronic pelvic pain, urolithiasis, and any kinds of infectious pathologies. The department is headed by Giorgi Khvadagiani. His team, made up of the country’s leading professionals, was recently joined by another renowned urologist, Jemal Jikia. It is also noteworthy that at the hospital 24-hour urological services are available, and if necessary, planned and emergency endoscopic surgeries are performed using high-tech medical equipment.

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