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Health Screening Center

Health Screening Center
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Preventive medicine is a mechanism for controlling health conditions. Primary and secondary preventive inspections serve to prevent the development of diseases and early detection of existing pathologies, which increases the quality of treatment and significantly reduces the risk of possible complications. Age, sex, and genetics serve as risk factors for many diseases. Therefore, the periodic preventive examination is of great importance.

The diagnostic hub based at the Caucasus Medical Center allows patients to benefit from basic, classic, or premium packages or to receive any kind of outpatient services in a specialized space. The variety of examinations at the Center for Preventive Medicine is differentiated based on gender and age, and in addition to laboratory and instrumental examinations, includes services of the multidisciplinary team of physicians.

The hospital offers VIP screening packages as well, which, in addition to additional benefits, also includes the service of the personal medical concierge. It should also be noted that the Caucasus Medical Center is involved in Screening State Programs, which allows the population to benefit from the screening services, within the framework of the screening project of the Ministry of Health.

Preventive screening packages are designed under the principles of modern medicine and aim to provide a detailed diagnosis of the various systems, which helps to detect asymptomatic possible diseases at an early stage.