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Center for Clinical Oncology

Center for Clinical Oncology
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Clinical oncology is another direction of the Caucasus Medical Center, which was created in accordance with the latest medical protocols and offers patients treatment with international standards. Clinical onco-center is a space where services can be received in one space, in the most comfortable environment.


Our advantages:

  • Highly qualified medical personnel with western medical education
  • Treatment planning with the joint decision of doctors of different specialties (multidisciplinary approach)
  • High quality of treatment according to international guidelines
  • Personal coordinator of patient services
  • Latest medical equipment.
  • 24-hour service
  • Management of all types of complications in inpatient/outpatient settings
  • A team of Western-educated nurses with continuous medical training (EONS/ASCO/ESMO)
  • International, world-recognized clinical trials
  • Specialists from various fields participate in the management of oncological patients in the hospital (multidisciplinary approach).

A clinical oncologist is involved in the management of a patient from diagnosis throughout life. His duties include management of the entire treatment process, constant control of the condition and post-treatment monitoring.

The Department of Clinical Oncology at the Caucasus Medical Center is headed by a highly qualified and experienced oncologist, Doctor of Medicine, Associate Professor Ivane Kiladze. The department is staffed by highly qualified doctors and nurses.

Oncologists: Doctor of Medicine Lika Katelashvili, Irine Khubua, Saba Kopadze and Inga Shoshiashvili.

Coordinators of clinical trials: Nino Khunashvili and Aleksandre Iovashvili

Oncology nurses: Ani Khmaladze, Nino Barsagiani, Diana Shamdinova and Irma Shengelia. Senior nurse Ani Khmaladze was named by the European Society of Oncology Nurses (EONS) and the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the hundred best nurses in the world.

The department is actively involved in international research projects, the results of the research carried out in our center have received international recognition and have been published in high-rated foreign language journals.

The department conducts world-proven international phase II and III clinical trials, through which patients receive expensive modern medicines completely free of charge. In Georgia, as in most countries of the world, clinical research is the only way for patients to have access to modern medicines.


It is also possible to use the service of a personal coordinator at the Onco-Center. The medical concierge provides organizational issues related to scheduled patient visits and research. To receive all these services, you need to register in advance at the number: 2 600 600.

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