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Heart Surgery, Postoperative Period

06 September 2019
Heart Surgery, Postoperative Period

What we need to know about the postoperative period of heart surgery? 

The heart is our main life-giving organ, the most important muscle in our body. During pregnancy, after 3 weeks of fertilization, the heart begins to beat and it lasts a lifetime. The heart beats about 115 000 times in one day, besides this, it can pump 7000 litres of blood into the arteries daily. Impressive numbers, right? 

Cardiovascular diseases are widespread worldwide. Nowadays modern medical clinics, including in Georgia, are committed to treating the full spectrum of heart disease both medically and surgically. Numerous surgeries are performed daily in cardiology departments. After surgery, rehabilitation is an important and essential stage. 

What is Cardio Rehab? 

Cardio rehabilitation is a special plan; we should follow it in the post-operative period. Each plan is individually developed for all patients. However, there are general rules and principles that are common for everyone: 

  • Medication treatment
  • Physical activity and healthy living
  • Manage stress and reduce psychological effects
  • Get back the psychosocial status
  • Now it’s time to talk about all of them in detail.

Medication treatment

Doing surgery does not mean that we are permanently free from medicines and treatment. When it comes to the heart, we have to take care of it all our lives. It is necessary to take medications during the rehabilitation period. In this way, we help the heart to work better and regain all its functions. 

Physical activity and healthy living 

Physical activity and healthy living are issues that every person should consider regardless of their health. Our heart affects every part of our body. That also means that our lifestyle and emotional well-being can affect the heart. Emotional and physical health is both important for maintaining a healthy heart. 
During the postoperative period, the following actions are very important: a physical activity, walking in the fresh air, small exercises. This will help you effectively absorb oxygen and supply your heart muscle with blood. Although we have to be careful, remember to stay away from the following activities during rehabilitation: 

  • Acceleration of heart rhythm during physical activity
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Walking outside when weather is unstable
  • Going out once you finish eating
  • Avoid driving and using stairs for one month after surgery

Manage stress and reduce psychological effects 

Stress and overload emotions can affect the heart. Unexpected bad news can cause a heart attack. Stress can affect the heart. Therefore, post-operative stress protection is essential. 
Physical activity relieves stress, restores emotional well-being process in the body and, as a result, no longer develops the so-called post-operative depression, which is a well-known syndrome in cardiac surgery. 
Get back the psychosocial status 
Complete rehabilitation involves preparing the body for daily life, dealing with stress, being ready for communication with relatives and friends. It is possible to return to work after 6 weeks of rehab. 
According to general recommendations, the following points are essential to keep your heart healthy and prevent heart disease: 

  • Quit smoking
  • Eating healthy food
  • Only a small amount of alcohol is allowed
  • Avoid a sedentary lifestyle
  • Daily physical activity and regular exercise
  • Rest and sleep well
  • Get positive emotions.

Health first of all means a healthy heart. And our life-giving organ truly deserves attention and care!

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