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Clinical Quality Enhancement Processes at Caucasus Medical Center

20 October 2020
Clinical Quality Enhancement Processes at Caucasus Medical Center
Quality is one of the cornerstones on which any activity relies. The medical field is a field, high quality of which contributes to the maintenance of human health and life, both in terms of clinical management and services. Continuous quality control, strengthening, and improvement is one of the priorities of Evex Hospitals, to achieve them important measures are taken in the chain of hospitals.

Evex Hospitals has been working to improve the quality of medical care since it was founded, but last year the process took the form of a project. Medical quality and patient safety quality teams were set up in 7 pilot hospitals, including the Caucasus Medical Center. The main function of them was to manage and improve clinical quality. The service is headed by Khatuna Kekelashvili at the Caucasus Medical Center.

"We started improvement of quality, first of all, by renewing and strengthening the team. Certain structures were also set up, their activities were coordinated, a common vision and clear plans were drawn up, etc. The process, in turn, involves all areas of the hospital, which is very important in terms of project management. Coordinated action and sharing the activities of different structural units guarantee a better result.

We feel the greatest support in this process from the head office of the chain of hospitals. Despite the decentralization and delegation of processes, the head office quality department is actively involved in the activity of hospital quality teams. Constant feedback and reporting are provided. In the clinical improvement project implemented in the chain, these processes are reflected in specific numbers and percentages, which allows us, on the one hand, to analyze what stage we are at, how the quality improvement process is progressing, and how flexibly we follow the unified structure and on the other hand, to get timely and adequate recommendations. All this allows us to properly plan future events, which is of great importance in this process.

It is also worth noting that we closely monitor clinical quality indicators that ultimately determine the performance of our hospital and the entire network. We try to introduce all the aspects of evidence-based medicine that will lead to a successful outcome. The results of the measures taken so far are great: With the introduction of a common standard and tireless monitoring of the processes, we can boldly say that today the quality of medical services at the Caucasus Medical Center is even more enhanced. Exactly this is our goal: to provide patients with the best medical care and high clinical quality. "

Khatuna Kekelashvili - Quality Director of the Caucasus Medical Center