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Unique operations of a world-class thoracic surgeon at the Caucasus Medical Center and live broadcast from the operating room

27 January 2022
Unique operations of a world-class thoracic surgeon at the Caucasus Medical Center and live broadcast from the operating room
On January 25, the famous thoracic surgeon Diego Gonzalez Rivas visited the Caucasus Medical Center. Within the framework of the visit, the specialist performed several unique operations for the first time in Georgia and held a master class on the latest method in thoracic surgery - uniportal approach for Georgian colleagues.

The uniportal approach is a minimally invasive method that involves performing an operation at a rate of one, 5 centimeters. Surgical intervention involves the use of surgical instruments and a special camera. The introduction of the mentioned methodology in thoracic surgery is connected with the name of the Spanish doctor, Diego Gonzalez Rivas. A specialist with 15 years of experience has made a name for himself with more than one innovative approach. Among them, he became the first surgeon in the world to perform single-port lung surgery (in April 2014) without intubation. Also, in 2016, he performed a single-port resection using an articulated robotic arm, which means an operation without assistance.

Diego Gonzalez Rivas visited the Caucasus Medical Center at the initiative of his Georgian colleagues, Irakli Kobidze and Giga Farfalia. It was through the efforts of young thoraco-surgeons that 3 thoracic operations were planned and carried out with the uniportal approach of Dr. Rivas, the live broadcast of which was available to everyone in the conference hall of the hospital.

"The uniportal approach reduces the duration of hospitalization and significantly improves the positive outcome of the patient. We are trying to use the knowledge and experience of our Spanish colleague as much as possible in order to introduce the uniportal approach in thoracic surgery and to offer patients something new from the latest period," says Irakli Kobidze, general and thoracic surgeon.

According to thoracic surgeon Giga Farfalia, many more interesting activities can be planned within the framework of cooperation with Diego Gonzalez Riva. At this stage, the Spanish doctor consults the hospital's team of thoracic surgeons, pulmonologists and general surgeons, when necessary, and is involved in the management of particularly complex medical cases.

"Caucasian Medical Center is pleased to host a world-class surgeon and give Georgian doctors the opportunity to watch live broadcast of unique operations, as well as to receive professional knowledge and experience from the founder of this unique approach. In 2022-2023, we want to strengthen the existing services and introduce new services, within which the development of pulmonology and thoracic surgery is one of our priority goals," says the head of the treatment-diagnostic hub of the Caucasus Medical Center, Professor Marika Toidze.

Diego Gonzalez Rivas himself positively evaluated the visit to Georgia: "Caucasus Medical Center is a well-equipped hospital with everything to offer patients a high standard of treatment. I am glad that within the framework of cooperation with the countries of the world I found myself right here in Tbilisi this time and I plan to repeat the visit in the near future," said the Spanish surgeon.

It is worth noting that the Caucasus Medical Center offers patients 24-hour scheduled or urgent inpatient services, as well as full outpatient services. Starting from 2022, more than one innovation in this direction is planned to be implemented in the hospital.