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Treatment and Diagnostic Hub of the Caucasus Medical Center

29 September 2021
Treatment and Diagnostic Hub of the Caucasus Medical Center
A new medical Treatment and Diagnostic Hub, equipped with modern equipment, has opened at the Caucus Medical Center.

Treatment and Diagnostic Hub includes 13 medical institutions where patients can get the following medical services:

o Medical consultations
o Laboratory examinations
o High-tech examinations
o Instrumental studies (ECG, EEG, endoscopy, etc.)
o Preventive medicine (screening programs)
o Outpatient procedures
o Day hospital

The hospital is staffed by leading doctors who are united in one space and are easily accessible patients. Medical institutions of the center:

o Oncology Center
o Heart Center
o Center for Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders
o Post-Covid-Rehabilitation Center
o Pediatric center
o Center for Traumatology and Rheumatology
o Neurology Center
o Ophthalmology Center
o Center for Gastroenterological Diseases
o Women's Health Center
o Urology Center
o Screening Center
o Center for High-Tech Examinations
Leading professionals of the country united for your health!

The main advantages of the outpatient clinic of the Caucasus Medical Center are:

o Simple and fast processes/booking system
o Access to leading doctors in the country
o Ability to receive a full range of services in one space
o Multidisciplinary approach of the treatment of each patient
o Access to outpatient and diagnostic services on weekends
o Possibility of laboratory research in the Netherlands
o Hospital located in the city center

For more information call 032 2 600 600