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"We fight together, with all our hearts" - thanks to the heroes of our time!

24 September 2020
"We fight together, with all our hearts" - thanks to the heroes of our time!
The video message of the "We fight together, with all our hearts" campaign is inspired by the dedication of the entire Georgian medical staff fighting on the front line!

The communications team of Evex Hospitals wanted to express their gratitude to the Georgian medical staff, whose heroic deeds are often invisible - by creating something that would encourage them.
Sleepless nights, compassion, support, patient care, victory - that is what has united our medical community and, moreover, the whole country! Today, we are together in this battle!

"In our country, with the advent of this difficult period, from the very first day, we started thinking about what benefits we, the non-medics, could bring to the people who are at the front line of this battle. "
In the campaign carried out by the JWT Metro agency, specifically for this work, the doctors' oath was written and it is voiced by those who stand on the front line in the fight against this invisible enemy:

I swear to fulfill this oath in a good faith:
To have only one aim upon waking up – to fight till the end
To forget tiredness, fear and doubt - because there is no time or place for it today

To be where I am needed. When I am needed. And for as long as I am needed.
To thoroughly follow all the rules without which the victory is unimaginable and encourage others to follow them.

To do everything that’s in my power and if I won’t be able to so, do it so that I will.

To forget the word “No” for a while, because the word “Yes” has never been more important

And never has the mission been so common that the boundary between the ranks, origins, and nationalities has disappeared

The words “devotion”, “solidarity”, “unity” acquired a new meaning.

But now, no other word is as important as the word "fight"

When we are all facing the same enemy today, I am ready to do everything, for my country to win this fight

Sulkhan Orzhonia - Doctor, Intensivist - Samegrelo Region
Manana Tvaliashvili - Emergency Physician - Kakheti Region
Natia Khiladze - Emergency Nurse - Adjara Region
Nana Maisuradze - Emergency Physician - Samtskhe-Javakheti Region
Otar Kerelashvili - Nurse – Tbilisi
Zurab Tsulaia - Emergency Physician - Imereti Region
Marina Beridze - Epidemiologist - Shida Kartli Region
Kakhaber Kashibadze - Doctor, Transplantologist - Adjara Region
Ketevan Tvildiani - Nurse – Tbilisi
Shorena Marukashvili - Emergency Physician - Kakheti Region
Mariam Tabeshadze - Ward Nurse - Imereti Region
Guranda Tevzadze - Doctor of Reception Diagnostic Service - Samegrelo Region
Iver Tsinaridze - General Surgeon - Adjara Region
Otar Dikhaminjia - Emergency Physician, Toxicologist – Tbilisi
Bakar Kuchava – Emergency Physician – Tbilisi
Pati Bezhanidze - Doctor Receptionist - Adjara region
Mikheil Jeriashvili - Doctor of Critical Care Unit – Tbilisi
Ivane Chkhaidze - Doctor, Pediatrician – Tbilisi
Nino Siradze - Doctor, Pediatrician – Tbilisi
Joni Samkharadze– Doctor of Pediatric Emergency Care - Tbilisi
Salome Khuroshvili – Nurse of Pediatric Emergency Care - Tbilisi
Lia Abuladze – Doctor of Pediatric Emergency Care - Tbilisi