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Fight to stop the virus

15 October 2020
Fight to stop the virus

“The COVID-19 pandemic has created a truly unprecedented environment around the world that affects each of us. Exactly, in such moments we are reminded that we are all connected to each other. People working in the field of healthcare all over the world have been on the front lines of the fight during all this time as real fighters. "They are still working tirelessly to save patients' lives," - This is how the International Hospital Federation (IHF) starts mentioning Georgia in its new publication, which recognizes the role of innovation and management in world healthcare.

The publication also states: “Georgia's high responsibility has united the efforts of the public sector, the medical industry, and ordinary citizens. The first phase of the fight against pandemic began a month before the first case of infection was confirmed. The phase included the implementation of coordinated measures to ensure maximum prevention of virus invasion and spread. Leading international media outlets such as Foreign Policy, Forbes, CNN, Washington Post, Lonely Planet, and others emphasize Georgia's successful response and the effectiveness of its efforts in the fight against COVID 19. The World Health Organization has praised the Georgian government for taking swift steps in the fight against the virus. "

To ensure a high level of safety, our staff and patients underwent thorough training based on the recommendations of the Georgian National Center for Disease Control and Public Health, including about the issues related to how to manage patient flows. Special triangles were placed at the entrance to effectively control the flow of entrants, and the entrances of visitors were closed. Our call center was briefly informed about the preliminary examination of the patients. Educational materials were distributed in both hospitals and on the Internet. Defense equipment was purchased, the use of which is also available while following the relevant instructions.

The IHF was founded in 1929 after the first hospital congress in the United States. The members of the organization are world hospitals and health organizations that have a clear connection with health care.
The IHF also notes that in times of fear and despair, Georgia has proven to be the safest country in the region for tourists, especially in terms of medical tourism, as the country has successfully maintained new cases of COVID-19 infection and governed pandemic.

The publication also underlines the activities carried out in the hospitals in order to ensure a high level of security, the social distancing campaign #Stayathome and the new medical support program implemented in the chain of Evex Hospitals.
We try to adapt to the new reality in which we are all together because our future largely depends on our mutual efforts.

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