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Conference on Gynecological Surgery

24 July 2019
Conference on Gynecological Surgery
The Caucasus Medical Centre hosted the largest scientific conference on gynecologic surgery. The conference presented the latest capacities of laparoscopic gynecology. Specially for this day, famous experts in the field of laparoscopic gynecology from different parts of the world arrived in Georgia, they presented scientific reports together with their Georgian colleagues.
At the conference, a few demonstrative operations were broadcast live, which showed new possibilities for laparoscopic gynecology.

The chairman of the European Gynecological Academy, Professor Arno Vaties, as well as Professor Shailesh Puntanbeker, who was the first in the world to perform the laparoscopic transplantation of the uterus from a mother to a child, and whose patients have already become mothers with transplanted uterus, arrived in Georgia to participate in the conference.
The guests came to Georgia by invitation of the Georgian doctor working abroad, the director of the International Center for Endoscopic Surgery, an obstetrician-gynecologist at the Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital, Professor Revaz Bochorishvili.

Laparoscopic gynecology is one of the fast growing areas of medicine, and due to its achievements, it is possible to maintain the quality of life of many women around the world.
The conference was held with the support of the Caucasus Medical Centre and the company Karl Storz, which produces the highest quality modern equipment for endoscopic surgery.
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