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Clinical Oncology team

10 February 2021
Clinical Oncology team

Caucasus Medical Center Clinical Oncology team offers high-quality treatment of international standards, according to the latest clinical recommendations and guidelines.

The following types of systemic treatment are performed in the department:  

• Chemotherapy (mono chemotherapy and polychemotherapy);
• Hormone therapy;
• Target therapy;
• Immunotherapy.

Treatment is carried out under the constant supervision of highly qualified medical staff, treatment tactics are determined by teamwork by summing up opinions of specialists of different field of expertise.

• Zaza Ujmajuridze - Head of the Oncology Board of Evex Hospitals; Oncologist
• Ivane Kiladze - Head of Clinical Oncology Team; Clinical Oncologist
• Irine Khubua - Head of Oncology Department
• Lika Katselashvili - Clinical Oncologist
• Inga Shoshiashvili - Clinical Oncologist
• Saba Kopadze - Clinical Oncologist
• Nino Chkhaidze, M.D, Oncohematologist
• Nino Khunashvili - Junior Clinical Oncologist
• Ana Khmaladze - Senior Clinical Oncology Nurse
• Nino Barsagiani - Nurse of the Department
• Diana Shamdinova - Nurse of the Department

Psychological Support Service is available at the department. Patients are served by a personal coordinator who provides scheduled visits and organizational issues related to medical examinations.

Visiting hours: Monday/Friday 10:00 - 17:00

For reservation contact us at 2 600 600

23 P.Kavtaradze str. Tbilisi