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CHECKCOV.GE - All the Post-COVID health centers on one platform

24 May 2021
CHECKCOV.GE - All the Post-COVID health centers on one platform

World experience has shown that COVID 19 leaves many consequences on the human body and it is important to manage its complications for further maintenance of good health conditions. A health check-up is also recommended for those post-COVID patients, who do not have any complaints at all.

For this purpose, 7 Post-COVID Health Centers started operating on the territories of Evex Hospitals in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, and Batumi and united around the www.checkcov.ge platform.

Anyone interested will have the opportunity to complete the questionnaire of Covid-19 complaints, receive recommendations on their health status and benefit from the various offers. Benefits include:

• Free consultation with a therapist both online and in person;
• Free antibody testing (for the first 300 users);
• Recommendations and offers tailored to the needs of the customer;

A multidisciplinary team of doctors trained under the latest international protocols will carry out thorough medical examinations. At the center, it is possible to receive outpatient and inpatient services. The treatment is planned with an individual approach and includes not only a medical procedure but a rehabilitation course at the balneological resorts of Georgia. 

Besides, the center will offer therapist services and group psychological sessions.

For more information call at 2 600 600 or visit the website www.checkcov.ge