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Caucasus Medical Centre through CNN’s lens

15 December 2019
Caucasus Medical Centre through CNN’s lens
CNN got interested in Georgia's medical tourism potential

Georgia through CNN’s lens.

American journalists have prepared the reportage on Georgia's medical tourism, which is to be the country's new economic direction.

In December, a television program watched by millions of people on the planet (the New World of Medical Tourism) will focus on Georgia's healthcare.

CNN got interested in the medical tourism hub – Caucasus Medical Center, opened by “Evex Hospitals”, in Tbilisi. To foreign patients the center offers medical services at a much lower cost than leading medical centers in Europe and Asia. CNN reportage thoroughly represents the powerful clinical capabilities of the Caucasus Medical Center, a team of hospital doctors and a high standard of international health care.

The 10-minute reportage speaks of Georgia as a well-known centuries-old country, with its diverse cultural heritage sights and now as a country with great potential for medical tourism as well.

A short reportage about Georgia was shown on Decembet 9, An extensive one after 5 days.

We present you both version on Youtube Link