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Andro dgebuadze - #3 "Mental Health during a Pandemic"

10 February 2021
Andro dgebuadze - #3 "Mental Health during a Pandemic"
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, for many people, life is associated with certain stress. Physical and mental health problems are one of the major effects on people who already had a virus, are either self-isolated, or simply have to adapt to unusual, restrictive environmental conditions. The aim of the project "Mental Health during a Pandemic" is to help people who had a virus to manage post-Covid stress and negative psycho-emotional state, and to help people in self-isolation to use their free time effectively and understand the positive aspects of the current situation.

The webinar series within the framework of the project will be held in 4 parts.

Third Webinar Speaker:

Andro Dgebuadze

“Tat Tvam Asi” - The Key to Love"

"In Eastern philosophy, there is one expression which expresses the wisdom acquired during centuries. This expression in Hindi sounds like "Tat Tvam Asi" and means "Thou Art That", or simply "I am".
In India, it is believed that if you understand this - then you know the most important and you are free and happy. When I am explaining "Tat Tvam Asi", psychiatrists tell me that this is the pinnacle of psychiatry, Christians say it's Christianity, while physicists believe that you cannot understand quantum physics if you do not understand "Tat Tvam Asi". Bur for me personally, it is the universal key that opens every door.

Even today, when we are locked up and have nothing left but to turn a blind eye to our negative thoughts, we are left alone to look back on our past and think about the future. - I believe that "Tat Tvam Asi" will be the thread through which we will get rid of this endless maze of thoughts. "

The webinar was held on January 29th

Illustrations for the project were created by Maia Sumbadze
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