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A safe, highly effective and painless method of treating varicose veins

28 April 2022
A safe, highly effective and painless method of treating varicose veins

The Caucasus Medical Center offers the treatment of varicose (enlarged) veins by radio ablation method - VNUS device. The mentioned method is an invasive form of treatment and involves the introduction of a catheter into a varicose vein, and then, with the influence of temperature on it, the cancellation of the vein. Therefore, the procedure is safe, effective and painless, which is used for both medical and aesthetic purposes.

The following symptoms are typical for varicose vein damage, which are indications for radio ablation:

  • enlarged veins on the lower limbs;
  • fine capillary network;
  • swelling in the lower limbs;
  • feeling of heaviness;
  • pain
  • change in skin color;
  • trophic ulcer;
  • Cramps in the muscles of the shins at night, etc

In addition to radio wave ablation, a traditional method (open procedure) is provided for the treatment of varicose veins, which involves ligature of the vein and its mechanical removal. Unlike the radio ablation procedure, the traditional approach is accompanied by bruising, pain and hematoma formation. Also, in the case of surgical operation, the risk of recurrence of varicose veins (recurrence of varicose veins) is about 30%, while the recurrence rate in the ablative method is very low.

In addition to the above, the advantages of radio wave ablation are:

short operation, 45 minutes on average;
minimal invasiveness;
minimal preoperative period;
Fast rehabilitation, patients return to their normal rhythm of life within 1 hour after the operation.
In a healthy vein, a special valve functions, but in a diseased vein, the valve apparatus is disrupted and adequate blood circulation is disturbed. Duplex sonography is used in the hospital to locate the vein, to diagnose the valvular apparatus, blood flow and reflux in the blood vessel (backflow of blood as a result of damage to the valvular apparatus).

The angiological department of the Caucasus Medical Center offers patients the disappearance and cancellation of the thin capillary network on the lower limbs by the method of injection sclerotherapy. During this procedure, a special substance, a sclerosant, is injected into the damaged vein, which helps the vein disappear. Although the pronounced fine capillary network does not have a great impact on hemodynamics (blood circulation), the above-mentioned procedure is often used by patients as an effective means to eliminate an aesthetic problem.

Caucasus Medical Center is one of the few hospitals that uses radio wave ablation to treat varicose veins. The VNUS procedure is performed in the hospital by highly qualified vascular surgeons: Giorgi Jinchveladze and Guram Vardishvili.