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The New World of Medical Tourism

25 December 2019
The New World of Medical Tourism
News on CNN, which represented Georgia as a fascinating country in terms of medical tourism, was followed by a new response from international online publications.
The four trustworthy online publications - Today in Finance, Daily Herald, Financial ABC6, and WLNE-TV dedicateв series of articles to 3 countries: Georgia, Singapore, and Mexico, and offer foreign customers the opportunity to receive high-quality medical services at an affordable price.

The articles review the strong clinical capabilities of Evex Hospitals and the Caucasus Medical Center.

New World of Medical Tourism - Georgia is Attracting Attention with its Medical Tourism in International Online Publications.

To whom should patients with no medical insurance and normative or budgetary problems entrust their health?

NLTV International Series Cycle "New World of Medical Tourism," which was broadcasted by CNN Int'l, not only introduces the international community to the positive side of the medical tourism experience but also provides an international platform for sharing reliable information on the safety and quality of healthcare facilities worldwide to a multimillion audience.

NWMT episodes represent 3 world-class medical facilities:
1. EVEX Hospitals, Tbilisi, Georgia;
2. Hospital De Familia (Family Hospital), Mexico City, Mexico;
3. Singapore General Profile Hospital, Singapore.

Evex Hospitals is the largest hospital chain in Georgia, that unites 19 clinics in 6 regions of the country. The largest hospital of the chain is the Caucasus Medical Center - a multi-profile clinic with solid experience, which offers high-tech, innovative, diagnostic, and treatment methodologies based on the latest medical research to the entire population of the region.

Caucasus Medical Center is staffed with Georgian doctors and nurses who have Western experience. High-complexity medical interventions are performed at the hospital both on an outpatient and inpatient basis.

The latest medical equipment, innovative diagnostic and treatment methodologies and a powerful clinical team with extensive experience make the Caucasus Medical Center a hub of medical tourism in the region. The hospital ranks first in the country with the number of patients admitted. Today the clinic serves patients not only from Georgia but from the South Caucasus and Eastern Europe as well.

It is worth noting that the Caucasus Medical Center is a member of the International Federation of Hospitals (IHF). The clinic cooperates with the world's most powerful medical centers, ensuring the proper and safe management of complex medical cases.
Specialists from leading hospitals of the United States, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany and Israel are involved in the treatment process together with Georgian doctors.
"Evex Hospitals" was one of the hospitals mentioned in "New World of Medical Tourism "series. The story was broadcasted by CNN International. We are glad that more medical tourists will know about the world-class medical services we offer to our patients,” said Anri Kapanadze, Director of International Sales at Evex Hospitals.

Each episode of "The New World of Medical Tourism" represents high-quality hospitals (including 20 of the top 25 hospitals in the world) that not only provide patients from around the world with safe and high-quality medical care at an affordable price but as well offer all the necessary manipulation in an exciting, exotic environment. This makes the final impression even more attractive.

NWMT travels around the world and offers people the prospect of a long and healthy life through CNN International and other global broadcasters.